About Cascaden

“The Cascaden”

My grandparents on my mom’s side, just after the turn of the 20th century decided to leave Quebec and homestead in Saskatchewan. Their mode of transportation was by wagon with my then two very young uncles. The scene and experiences would have been much like the TV show, “The Little House on the Prairies”. They would have arrived to find just survey stakes in the ground to mark their new home.

My granddad died before I was born and by then they had retired from farming and lived in a small nearby township. In the early 60’s my grandmother then in her late 70’s booked a round the world trip cruise. This new website is in honour of their courage and name; Cascaden.


Don Meyer

Even though I was born and raised in the foothills, I’ve always been interested in water. By my early twenties I was a master diver and SCUBA diving instructor. Then due to some close friends I was introduced to offshore sailing. In my mid thirties I was ready to single hand a Vancouver 27’ sailboat to Australia to do some diving on the Great Barrier Reef. This five year trip would included seven different countries and about 20,000 nautical miles. After arriving back in Canada, I decided to open a part-time repair shop for an outboard marine motor called the British Seagull, which I eventually wrote and published a repair manual called “The Classic British Seagull”.

About the upcoming Trilogy


“Thoughts of a Wayward Sailor” is a selection of short stories that is the first of a trilogy. There will be several themes that run through the series. Some stories will even have the same title but will each have a different story. Other themes for continuity will be: book cover, cartoon, maps, boats (sail, commercial and war), cooking, D=ST, navigation, soup, anchoring, explorers before Columbus, mechanical advantages, pictures, eatables, versus (ie. paddling vs rowing), theories and a wayward sailor fund. Some stories are written like a poem and will have 3-5 line stanzas. While other stories the title and the last words in the story will be the same, thus tying the whole story together. The rest of the stories will also be of my own thoughts on things.


“Building a boat is like working on a jigsaw puzzle, only you get to make all the pieces first.”